Trakian Cymbals

Kemal Yücel

He was born in Istanbul in 1976. Professional music life; He started playing percussion in Antalya in 1995. Thanks to his interest in different cultures and world music, he had the opportunity to work with many accompaniment orchestras, groups and artists. He took part in concerts, festivals and projects both at home and abroad. He took part as a guest artist in Ankara, Antalya, Bursa and Adana Symphony orchestras. He worked in studios and took part in many albums, film soundtracks, etc., as both a composer and an instrumentalist. In addition to these works, he worked in private schools as an instructor and art consultant. He conducted rhythm workshops and rhythm rehabilitation activities with different professions and age groups and gave many workshops.

He still continues to work in his own studio, in addition to his active music life and teaching.

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